Jon Link

Coding Bootcamps

After years and years of coding, I’m considering a coding bootcamp. Why? I’m not totally sure.

In the early 2000’s I first taught myself to code HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. This was back in the early days of PHP and even setting up a local environment was a huge pain. I had to learn enough of the command line to build PHP on my Mac with all the libraries I thought I needed. H-u-g-e pain (MAMP is a lifesaver for newbies!). I started small and ended up making an open source asynchronous chess website for me and my friends. That was back in the late 2000s.

Fast forward to now and I’ve co-written a web app that is used by my employer internationally. It has become a business critical operations and planning solution supported by our IT department. Through this I’ve learned to use GIT, shored up my JS/JQuery, and learned MS SQL and how to work with the quirks of IIS.

My point is, I know how to code. So why a bootcamp? Mostly because I taught myself everything I know (with help from the lovely people on Stack Overflow the last few years). I know there’s some things I don’t know, and I’m not worried about that because I can keep teaching myself. What I worry about is that I don’t know what I don’t know, ie. the unknown unknowns.

Maybe —Maybe— a bootcamp is the answer to this?

I like my job right now, so I’m not looking to quit and join a bootcamp. So my options are somewhat limited (part time, online). I’ve narrowed it down now to these options:

I’ll be posting more as I dive deeper.