Jon Link

Book Cover and Text – Month of Big Hands by Andrew Morgan

My work at Natural History Press has allowed me to create a cover for Andrew Morgan’s fantastic book, Month of Big Hands. I also did the interior layout and design work. I’m very pleased with how it came out. I’m even more pleased with the writing. It’s easily one of the best books of poetry I’ve read this year.

The design I chose for the inside was very simple. The poem and page number are the only things on the page. For poetry the best thing is to let the text inhabit the page with all possible distractions removed because it is as much a visual document as it is a literary one. The pages in this book with built first by looking at the ideal of the golden ratio, and then adjusting for the reality of the poem on the page and the financial constraints of printing a book. That was followed by an embarrassing number of hours looking at fonts to find the perfect one.